Privacy Policy aims at following best available Privacy Policy standards. Protection of personal data and its confidentiality is a fundamental element of successful and professional business relationship between us and our customers. This Policy describes what type information is stored by us, for what purpose, how it is stored and secured. Please bear in mind that in Internet there is no 100% guarantee that transmission over internet is totally secure, even if we are using the highest encryption standards.

Basic terms and definitions:

Cookies – this website is using cookie files. Those temporary and small sized files are stored on devices from which customers log in, and are used for the purpose of creating statistics used further for improving services provided by (like location of users, types of device they are using, browsers), keeping users login session active, displaying matching advertisements, hosting services and administering services and servers. Users can delete cookie files anytime they want or entirely block them (latter might alter functionality of website and access to some of the content).

Personal Data – data of users stored and used for the purpose of using services provided by, including but not limited to: first and last name, e-mail, phone number, date of birth, address of residence, government issued identification, photographs (including front and back of credit/debit card if it was used for the purpose of identity verification, subject to one condition – a customer is supposed to cover 8 digits in the middle, so then it would look like this – 1234 xxxx xxxx 5678), biometric information (if applicable), utility bill/proof of address, location, all the communications with our representatives/in forms including photos and scans.

Website –

Services – all the services provided on website (including providing currency/cryptocurrency exchange), all the materials which can be found on it and assistance of company representatives.

User – a natural person of full legal and mental capacity, of age of 18 and above, in case of an individual acting on behalf of an entity –  authorized to do so in writing.

Users rights and obligations

  • By registering on a website, user agrees to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and all their further amendments.
  • User is obliged to provide company with correct personal data regarding his/hers account, and in case of change of any of them – update the data on the account immediately.
  • User is entitled to refuse/withdraw consent regarding usage/disclosure of Personal Data. This may result in inability to use services provided by (including usage of third party elements, like payment processors) and may lead to deactivation of the account.
  • User is entitled to delete own personal data and request deactivation of account. Administrator is empowered to reject those actions basing on Terms and Conditions provisions and applicable legislation requirements.

Usage of personal data

  • Identification of an user (including identity verification).
  • Sending emails (including but not limited to: welcome email, notifications, transaction processing, password change/recovery, important announcements regarding content on website).
  • Contact by phone (including text messages/calls from company representatives).
  • Identification, prevention, reporting of suspicious/illegal activities/attempts of abovementioned.
  • Improving and administering services provided by
  • Disclosure of information as required due to the legal obligations, including but not limited: to courts of law, authorities/law enforcement bodies.
  • In case or merger/acquisition of other type of change of the ownership of our company, the new entity will possess all users Personal Data, respecting provisions of Terms and Conditions.
  • Some of the information might be shared with a Third party service providers on request of the company (for purposes including, but not limited to: processing payments and other services provided by, technical support, gathering demographic information for the purpose of future marketing campaigns, usage patterns), only to the minimum required scope.

Personal Data Security

Our company aims at maintaining highest security standards available at the industry-level in accordance with the relevant legislation. This means we have security measures in place which had been design to provide protection from any sort of unwanted/unauthorized attempts/actions aiming at changing information stored in our database. Our payment processors are using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) solution encrypting your personal details during transactions. The personal data is stored as long as needed for the back up, contractual relations/audit/accounting purposes or any other reasons as emerging from legal obligations of the company towards public authorities.